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Thread: Battery Life issues - Help!!!

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    Battery Life issues - Help!!!

    I've had an original droid for about 2 years now. The battery life was fine until recently. So far, in trying to fix it, I have:
    - replaced the battery with the same model (BP6X)
    - reset the phone to factory state (power + X, etc.)
    - formatted the SDCard (just in case there was some kind of virus stored there eating my battery).

    After doing this, it is no better. Basically, if my phone sits completely idle for about 7 hours, the batter will go down to 10% or so. It used to last much longer than this. I know because I would leave it idle at work, and then use the phone on my hour train commute home (youtube, pandora, internet, etc). This is no longer possible, the phone is dead after sitting idle for 7 hours.

    This started happening shortly after I reset the phone to factory the first time (Power + X). A friend told me that Froyo has had battery issues which were fixed in later builds. Is it possible that I had a newer build of Froyo originally with the bugs fixed? But when I reset the phone with Power + X it installed an older one?

    Here's all the details:
    - after sitting idle for 7 hours, battery is almost dead. Battery info says the following has drained my battery: Phone idle 52%, Cell Standby 39%, Android OS 5%, Android System 3%, and Display 2%.
    - Android 2.2.2
    - kernel android-build@apa26 #1
    - Build # FRG83G
    - downloaded apps: Colornote, Yahoo Mail, Adobe Flash, and Power Manager (phone was no better before downloading these).

    I'm at a loss here, any suggestions would be appreciated. I don't want to buy a new phone just for this, I'm hoping it's fixable. How can I install newer OS builds? Does this necessitate rooting the phone? Any other suggestions?

    thanks in advance!
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    Hey buddy, have you tried deleting you're battery statistics? You can do that in recovery mode or even download the app. Its called battery calibrate and pretty much does the same thing by deleting the statistics..... hope this helps
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    You're holding in your hands the best rooting and customizing phone on the planet. I say root and load a different OS rom. I bet my first born it will be better

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