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Thread: Verizon blocking websites with tethering

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    Quote Originally Posted by jengas kahn View Post
    i understand the whole "it's my phone i can do what i want to it" argument...

    but i'm finding it odd how you fail to see that you're the one using their service. you want to use your phone however you want, however you're using their data. it's their service, they define the terms. no matter how much you whine about it, it will never be THEIR fault that YOU didn't read the TOS.

    this is the reason there won't be unlimited data plans from now on.
    Couldn't have said it better!
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    Quote Originally Posted by spc_hicks09 View Post
    This actually is a known issue, with the whole "teired data" thing going on now with Verizon. They have removed all tethering apps from the Market and are somehow blocking people from visiting websites when tethering.
    Actually, I've been experiencing similar issues, especially trying to get to my own business website. I called Godaddy and they said all is fine. Gave me a proxy site to go to and wholla, my site was accessible. So, I continued on to further investigate a fix for this as I can make a connection, just hangs. And getting to the xda forums site would hang, but I noticed that it would hang on certain sites (mainly ad sites), while the page was loading.

    All day today, I have been successfully accessing each and every site that I have tried to go to and not one disconnection. One thing is that I am using Linux to tether. That alone fixes a lot of issues. Secondly, Linux makes it very easy to change the MTU settings. I set it to 1300 and all sites, including my own, have loaded as fast as can be. I've also reached speeds on speedtest.net as fast as 27Mbps down and 9Mbps up. It seems that the LG Revolution has an issue with MTU when tethering, or using HotSpot.

    I have the unlimited data plan, along with the unlimited hot-spot, and specifically asked the question when I added the hotspot feature that my usage was unlimited and she said there will be no restriction on your plan, whatsoever. As of now, I am at over 13gigs of total data according to MyVerizon app. So, the problems you are facing, may not be blocked websites, but websites that don't do well with MTU settings above 1300. I had a similar issue with a T1 line at a previous job, where the MTU settings were causing a stall on certain websites.

    My suggestion is, before blaming Verizon network, which is by far the best available for wireless phones, try changing local settings. I had success with hot-spot, garden tether, adb usb tether, and usb tether, just by changing the MTU settings. Now the next phase is changing such settings in Windows, which is a network nightmare in it's own since MS doesn't like to follow standards and breaks things, such as ever since the SP1 update for Win7, I've had numerous Network issues, even on wifi routers that have worked flawlessly in the past and work flawlessly in Linux (on the same computer/laptop).

    Information gathering is always of help to resolve similar issues between like users. I hope this post has some useful information to help others resolve issues like I've described and are like those in this thread.

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    Your post gave me the idea to disable adfree android, and that fixed the issue. Thanks
    Last edited by skennelly; 01-17-2014 at 12:58 PM.
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