Have the next best android game? Chance to win $1,000 + marketing and distribution of your game!

Do you think you have the next best android game?

We are looking for 5 awesome skill-based competition android games. Winners will get $1,000 in cold hard cash! Your game will be placed on the home screen of our brand new application in addition to being featured as our android developers in our press release!

1. Game must be addictive, quick and easy to learn!
2. Games cannot have the ability to restart once game play has begun, meaning the player may not undo an action to get a higher score.
3. Short game sessions, 3 minutes or less.
4. Games need some sort of high scoring mechanism, i.e. high score, fastest time, etc., to measure how well the player has done.
5. Must be a skill-based game that does not rely on chance or randomness.
6. Re-playable/ more than one correct way to play. Essentially we cannot use a game that has one correct solution or has memorizable solution.

Submissions must be made by June 27th and the winners will be notified June 30th!

Submit your games to: julie.truong@hookedmediagroup.com

If you have any questions or concerns please e-mail: julie.truong@hookedmediagroup.com

If game is selected, developer must be willing to submit source for the game or willing to work closely with our engineers to integrate the game into our application.