Ok bare with me, PLEASE:

1. Info:
Hardware Version: i510.06
Model # SCH-I510
Firmware Version 2.2.1
Baseband Version i510.06 V. ED1 SCH-I510 ED1
Kernel # se.infra@SEP-42 #1
Build # I510.ED2

2. Questions
A. Will Z4 Root work?
B. If not z4, what is the easiest way to root the charge?
C. (Im not real technical when it comes to terminology or process of Rooting/Jailbreaking/Roms IS there a step by step process on how to root with a video?

3. I just need rooting for 2 things. First, wifi tether i use it for work when i travel which is ALOT Before i used z4 root and was very simple. I dont know what flashing your phone is or any of that, thats why Im asking for your help.
and 2nd was getting rid of some bloatware on the phone to help with a little bit of lag.

please answer