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Thread: Verizon Data Speeds Throttled Prematurely?? Please Help

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    Verizon Data Speeds Throttled Prematurely?? Please Help

    I was recently browsing around my phone with Root Explorer and found an interesting folder in /data/system. A folder called "throttle". Inside the folder were two files: "temp" and another one that was a long number.

    After playing around with my settings a few days ago I had been experiencing moderately fast, but exceptionally consistent 3g data speeds...the most consistent I've experienced on Verizon...then, the past two days, my speeds have been abysmal, with the upload speeds faster than the download speeds, most of the time, which isn't saying much as neither were getting above .20 mbps.

    So for the heck of it, I decide to delete the "throttle" folder, fire up my speedtest.net app, and what do you know...speeds zoom right back up to where I had been enjoying them those past few days. The folder comes back every couple of minutes though, and my speeds slowly begin to decline...So, I wiped everything and installed a brand new ROM just to be certain it wasn't just a glitch. Nope, it's still there. (Project Elite and Bugless Beast Gingerbread ROMs, by the way)

    Every time the "throttle" folder reappears and I delete it with Root Explorer, my speeds jump right back up for a few minutes, so now I'm certain it isn't just a coincidence that my speeds sky rocket after deleting it. Also, I'm on Verizon's "unlimitted" plan, which I know they say is really 5 gigs in the fine print, but I haven't even gotten up to 3 gigs yet this month, according to the My Verizon app. Nor have I ever used more than three gigs of data in a month. Ever.

    So is it Verizon that is imposing this throttle, or is it something else? I really hope it isn't Verizon or we're going to have a bit of a problem. But, in the mean time, is there a fix I can do on my own to permanantly delete this folder, and any other folder or file I haven't yet discovered that may be imposing this throttle? I'd be grateful to hear from anyone who has some knowledge pertaining to this issue or is in a similar situation. Thanks.
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    I've never looked in that folder before but sure enough I have the same files. My temp one is dated the 4th and the one with numbers is dated today. What's weird though is my billing cycle just started the 3rd and have only used 16 mb I spend most of my time on wifi. Although I did manage to use 1.6 gigs last month. My speeds are .4 mbps down and.7mbps up
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    Yes I am also very certain that software throttling is implemented at all times by Verizon, no matter what they say otherwise.

    Radiocomm my friends.....radiocomm.....hardware level throttle removal...may cause some radio glitches and definitely may destroy ur radio connection if u edit the wrong things.


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