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Thread: i still can't copy nandroid files from sd card

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    i still can't copy nandroid files from sd card

    i think i have busybox installed, i have terminal emulator, astro file manager 2.0.1 droid. when i put the 3 nandroid files on my sd card, i cannot copy them to the system. what am i missing or doing wrong
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    If you're trying to install the custom sprecovery image, try following this guide:

    Installation | Sholes
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    UC (and others),

    I debated about this post and links, as I think is good for folks to understand exactly what it is you are trying to do to your system. But, here goes:

    The two links below are for root managers. The both are pay apps, but worth the little bit of money. What they are essentially is ASTRO with the ability to move files, rename etc. to the phone operating system. They are a way of moving files, renaming etc. with the ability to change the r/w status of the directories to allow. They GUI automate Busybox/adb from the phone side so that it is more like windows explorer, with extensions turned on, and the ability to change the attributes of the file and/or directory to allow for modifications. I have been playing with Root Explorer since I got rooted, and Tdawg turned me on to SUfmt. In another post, they were referred to as cheating, as you click instead of linuxing the commands. You could probably get into deep doodoo if you are not careful, but in reality about the same if you are mounting/etc. through commands and botch those up.

    As to my thoughts, Root Explorer still has some bugs. We got an update yesterday, early in the day, and it did clear up some of the 2.0.1 issues I was having, but started force closing badly. I got another update today, so I am guessing that he fixed some of these issues. I like this program as it allows me to see easily the r/w status of the directories, and it is a little easier to change them. I am not quite ready to give it a 100% approval, but so far it has been allowing the movement of files without issue.

    As to the SU program, it is working solidly on my 2.0.1. It is a tad less user friendly form a newbs standpoint, but I have had no issues of it doing what it is supposed to do.

    The following links are actual web hits to the app page where you can look them over. And I think this point is critical. If you are screwing around with your system, you need to have adb working, in the event that you hang something and do need to access the phone via your PC. With these programs, you only need to copy things to your sd card which can be accomplished from mounting your phine via usb, and copying to sd root. We all do that all the time. These programs then move control to the phone via a "cut/paste/move/copy" gui like interface rather than Terminal and Linux. Although the programs do have Terminal capability. I do not have 2.1 so I cannot attest to issues here, but perhaps another can chime in.


    Root Explorer:
    Root Explorer (File Manager) v2.5.1 Application for Android | Productivity

    SU File Manager & Terminal:

    SU File Manager & Terminal v3.13 Application for Android | Tools
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    Im trying to use either one of these programs to copy a File from the Root of my SD Card (Youtube.odex) to the System/apps folder and it shows that its copying, but the file never shows in the app folder. I have mounter system and data as read write, but it still wont paste the files there. Im trying to do the Youtube HQ Fix. Ive tried both programs, trying to figure this out before getting refunds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ucpro View Post
    i think i have busybox installed, i have terminal emulator, astro file manager 2.0.1 droid. when i put the 3 nandroid files on my sd card, i cannot copy them to the system. what am i missing or doing wrong
    You need to have system mounted as read/write. An easy way to do this is have SUFBS. If youre using SPRecovery you dont need to have them in system, it reads from the sdcard. But the problem you should be having is not having system mounted as read/write


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