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Thread: Custom Boot Logo Walkthrough

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    Custom Boot Logo Walkthrough

    ****All Credit goes to Droid Concepts and Motocache1 for the following information****
    ~I’m not smart enough to come up with this kind of goodness~
    I am not suggesting that using the below process is a good idea nor will I say it is the proper way to create and flash a custom boot loader image to your droid 1. I am merely shearing a story of the steps I took when creating my custom boot loader image. You could really mess you phone up something fierce doing this kind of badness!
    A few items are going to be needed:
    1) A nandroid backup. You never know when things could go haywire
    2) Install FRHED – 1.6.0 and RSDLite_4.6 Link is included
    3) Paint, Gimp or any imaging editor should work
    Creating a Custom SBF File:
    1) Download software and run SBFCodec. Once launched, open the “Stock-M-Logo-Stock.sbf” file that was included with the software download. SBFCodec will extract the needed files into the “SMG” folder.
    2) Using Gimp open any custom image you would like to appear when booting your D1. Ultimately the image needs to be 480 pixels wide by 182 pixels tall. Mirror your image making the left right and right left. Be sure to save the file as a 24 bit .bmp. Example “Juicy.bmp”.
    3) Using the FRHED (HEX Editor) open the .bmp file and erase the first 54 bytes of data. This should leave you with 262,080 total bytes.
    4) Press CTRL+A to select all contents (bytes) and then CTRL+ALT+R to reverse order of the bytes. The end now becomes the beginning.
    5) Now select save as, and save to desktop as CG42_0xC0580000.smg
    6) Reopen FRHED and open the CG42_0x0580000.smg file that was created in step #1. You will need to delete all but the last 64 bytes of data. There should only be FF’s left. 64 of them….
    7) Now copy your desktop CG42_0x0580000.smg file created earlier and paste that data into the file containing all FF’s. All The FF’s should be at the end of the file. When you perform the paste a prompt will come up. Choose the insert option. The file should now be exactly 262,144 bytes. Save this file to replace your existing CG42_0x0580000.smg desktop file.
    8) Go back to SBFCodec, you need to replace the CG42 entry with the custom image saved to your desktop.
    9) Now you need to save the SBFCodec which will create a SBF with your custom boot logo.
    10) Now you can open RSD Lite and follow Motocache1 walkthrough.
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    Sure, but kind of the long way around the barn since we now have this info:


    Changing your Boot Logo (windows only!)
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    Damn teddyearp... I wish I had known about that app sooner..


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