With the release of Android 2.2 (Froyo) a new feature was added to allow apps to be installed to external storage. This gives you, as a user, room for many more apps, and also benefits certain categories, like games, that need huge assets.

Of course you would like full control over where your apps get installed to but there are some roadblocks that hold you back from this. Android developers announced: "Copy-protected apps and updates to system apps cannot be moved to the SD card, nor can those which do not specify that they work on the SD card."

Unfortunately many apps lie under this category, but with App Swap you will be able to move any app you want to external or internal storage! To my knowledge it is the only app that allows you to do this.

Check it out on the android market. Search for App Swap or JRummy16

(A lite version might come here that will allow a limited amount of app swapping).

Market description:

Requirements: Android 2.2 or later, Root Access

App Swap is for devices running Android 2.2 (Froyo) or later. App Swap allows users to select ANY app and move it to either the sdcard or phone. That's right, ANY app even though the vast majority do not support apps2sd!

Other apps allow you to set the install location but this is the only app which will allow you to select any app you want to move, and move it on the fly!

This will enable you to increase performance and save storage space for many more apps!

Instructions: Open App Swap, select the apps you wish to move to the sdcard or phone, press the "Move Selected Apps" button, watch all your apps get moved to save you space and increase performance. Simple, right!

App Swap also allow you to set the default install location and comes with settings to customize your experience. If you set this, all your apps will then be installed to wherever you choose! You can select auto as well to let the system decide the best place.

Remember: This app requires root access. If you do not know what root means don't download or rate bad