You first need cdma workshop and th latest prl for crickets 3g if any questions email me

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so i tried to re flash my droid since the internet and any apps that needed internet just stopped working. I had originally paid a cricket dealer to flash it and i lost my receipt and its been over a month so i wasn't counting on them being much help other than to charge me to flash it again. I followed a tutorial from howard forums that ive seen posted in a lot of other places and people have had success with....but i seemed to have lost the 3g capability and this phone just doesn't do anything good on 1x. So i tried to do it again and still no luck. I tried to root it again which was probably stupid on my part since im a newbie to this stuff and now i dont know what i did exactly but my phone is reset pretty much now and i cant even get wi fi it says unable to start wi fi when i try to turn it on...still stuck on 1x and no 3g i cant download any apps from market or use internet at all so now i have a retarded smart phone thats only good for making phone calls and sending text messages....not even picture messages.....i was hoping someone here might know a way i can fix this...ive tried several sbf files with no change. I know theres probably some way to get it right but im new like i said.....thanks in advance to any suggestions.