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Thread: USB Tethering with Windows XP

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    USB Tethering with Windows XP

    Just to make it clear, I'm not having the issue you may be thinking of. I've updated the 4 files mentioned in http://www.droidforums.net/forum/tec...tml#post699343 by following the second and the third option. After doing a search for the files, they seem to be updated.

    The issue I'm experiencing is that my phone is not being connected to after enabling USB tether on my phone. I can look in the hardware and my Droid is listed under network adapters, but once I look at network connections, no connection is shown. That is only when the phone is connected of course, while not, its not shown anywhere.

    This wasn't an issue prior to now because I've been using the wireless tether with my laptop. Unfortunately, after getting home from work tonight, I discovered it was dead. The CPU fan has stopped working and after messing with it for a good 90 minutes, I couldn't figure out a fix.

    Any help with this would be GREATLY appreciated. I've been messing with this for nearly five hours now and I'm just on the verge of giving up, but I can't. I have no other options for internet atm other than to connect my Droid to my desktop through USB. I was under the impression that it would auto detect the connection once it was turned on, but nothing is being shown, except in the Hardware tab of My Computer, where the Droid is listed as a Network Adapter. Currently using EasyTether to connect to post this message, but its lack of https:// has limited it for what I need the internet for. Any help is much appreciated, will need to have it working somehow come Thursday morning. :/
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    117 views and nothing? Still looking for help on this. As a temp fix, I went ahead and purchased the pro version of EasyTether, however the app seems to throttle bandwidth very badly. Prior to all of this mess, I was seeing speeds as high as ~1.5 mbps with the onboard USB Tether supplied in ROMs, while with EasyTether, I'm topping out at maybe 300ish kbps, constant video lag, hiccups, ect. On the bright side, I've experienced fewer disconnects while using it, however the lag is unexceptable and I'd love to remedy this. Again, I've updated the drivers mentioned in many of the tethering to XP forum posts, and when connected, my phone does show in the My Computer > Hardware > Network Adapters, however, the computer doesn't auto connect to it, and I see no way of creating a connection to it from Network Connections. This is with USB Tethering turned on on the device. I've had zero issues with PDANet/EasyTether securing a connection, so I'm fairly certain its not an issue with the USB cable/port/Drivers/Phone. Prior to trying to run tethering on this XP Desktop, I had absoluately 0 issues running it on a Vista Laptop. I don't think the phone/ROM would matter, but I'm using a Droid 1 with UD. Any solutions, fixes, or even tips of things to check on would be most welcomed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malithar View Post
    117 views and nothing?
    Really? If I only had a dollar for everytime I read something like this or better yet, when it has happened to me.

    Anyways, try this:

    TBH: Droid 3G Hotspot NVRAM Hack

    good luck


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