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Thread: So... have you dropped it yet?

  1. Master Droid
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    So... have you dropped it yet?

    Any of you drop your precious new toy? I've currently dropped it twice, once on the carpet which wasn't a big deal, and the second time on the pavement. It slipped out of my hoodie front pocket both times, so now I keep it in my jeans or in my coat. It certainly scared me, especially when it hit concrete, but nothing happened, not even a scratch!

    I still won't get a case, though. I hate those things.
  3. Master Droid
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    Nov 2009
    Tampa, FL
    I didn't drop mine, I body slammed that bad boy! haha
    I flung it out of its holster while putting on my pants (don't ask why I had my pants off), it hit the corner of a tile staircase and bounce off and skidded into a door about three feet away... it has a gash (battle scar) on the chin were it hit the corner. It works fine! I did a battery pull just in case, and no scratches! I don't have a case either. But it's only cuz I'm too broke buying presents to get one.
    Droid = good investment
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    Yes, getting out of the car. Now it's got character.

    (a couple small dents on the side)
    Please do not text, place or answer calls while driving. Be responsible.

    Let me Google that for you
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    As written in the same threads before
    i dropped it 2 times already, even on the first day i recieved it.
    I hated me for that, but my milestone just said :"Dont worry! Ill be ok!"


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