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Thread: Standalone Users Unite!

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    Arrow Standalone Users Unite!

    ok...if our moderator would put this in the correct folder/place.

    There are probably plenty of us out there who won't send our information into the cloud or, like me, really don't like the google calendar (unable to host different oclors for different tasks or assigned people in my family); or google contacts (how is it even possible that this behemoth of a company has a contact program that won't/can't sort by last name????????).

    My droid is coming Monday. I am probably going to use web, phone, games and apps (I did transfer my contacts to gcontacts but only as an interim solution) and will WAIT to sync my outlook calendar when Missing Sync gets there 2 way standalone sync working - I'm really hoping by the end of November as they said.

    I'd love to hear about other solutions and enourage us to know each other so we can HELP EACH OTHER.

    ok....back to no caps.


    a die-hard palm addict moving to droid. help me hold on!

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    Local Outlook Sync don't forget Notes!

    I too need local Outlook Sync to my Moto Droid. Notes app seems to be low priority but I've read a few posts from others needing this as well. Has anyone found a work-around until this comes to Droid?
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    Yeah as much as I like the Droid's features, I may end up having to go with WinMo (Imagio, Touch Pro2, etc.) just because I am a HEAVY Microsoft user--Microsoft Word/Excel/Outlook/Notes, MS Windows, MS Server, etc. I use MS Notes for all kinds of stuff, and while I "can" export contacts to Google and then sync them to Droid, that is silly for me. I need the productivity tools WinMo offers more than the "fun" and "cool" web stuff the Droid focuses on. Droid is not really made to be a WORK phone for Microsoft-based users (I need remote desktop too for support I do) and it doesn't really seem interested in doing all those things, and since I am not interested in becoming more of a Google user, I feel like I will have to pass on it as much as I hate too. If it would just incorporate the complete ActiveSync ability with MS OS/Office it would literally eliminate WinMO overnight most likely. Maybe some of the future Android phones will add this in, so I may just sit tight until Dec 09/Q1 2010 and see what HTC comes out with. Their phones seem so much slicker and cooler in general anyway. There is rarely much advantage to jumping on a new platform FIRST, so I will gladly wait and see. I'm still plugging away with a MotoQ so a couple more months won't really matter much.


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