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Thread: I'm totally amazed!

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    I'm totally amazed!

    Usually speaking,I get used to things,even tired of them,pretty fast.Not so with the Droid! As much as many of you like the Droid,I am moving up from a lowly "dumb" phone.I suppose this could make me even more impressed than other who have smart phone experience.It truly is a life changing device as I'm using it for more and more everyday...and the possibilities seem endless!

    Given the fact you can do so much with this phone,can someone tell me if it's possible to retrieve your phone messages saving them to your phone?Though they are kept remotely for 21 days,I'd like to keep some of them as files indefinitely.I've wondered if this was possible to do with other cell phones in general also.All I've ever done with a cell phone is make\receive calls and messages.It's a bit of a steep learning curve I'm going through but it's looking to be a lot of fun as I go along!
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    not sure about saving SMS on the phone... i'm sure you can... but for now here's a link to a 'cloud' service to save your SMS SMS Cloud Backup by TMT v1.1.1 Application for Android | Communication

    Enjoy the Droid... it only gets better
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    Visual Voicemail with let you archive messages

    Visual Voicemail will let you "archive" messages saving them to your SD Card. This is a Verizon service that adds $2.99 a month to your service. However, others have reported that the service is being offered free with the Droid. I use Visual Voicemail with my corporate account so I can't really tell if there is an extra fee. The only problem with it currently is that the volume is really low when playing back messages. I love it since it lets you manage voice messages as if they were emails.
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    Google voice! You would have to get an invite.


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