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Thread: Raised Keyboards vs Flat

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    Quote Originally Posted by MochaDemure View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by strobez395 View Post
    I'm still convinced that the keys become raised after use. I didn't realize this till my friend just got his droid. I completely forgot mine was 100% flat when I first bought my droid and how much I hated it until I was installing an application for him on his and the first second I touched his keyboard I remembered how mine used to be. And mine is raised now.

    That doesn't really make much sense but I can tell you all for certain that there are two different keyboards. I had to have my Motorola Droid replaced today and the keys on this one are flat. my first droid had raised keys and they had a kind of sheen to them took a little more effort to press down on them.
    Use the keys on the new one. They raise after use.
    I now have a Droid!
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    Sure this just isn't unit-to-unit differences? They feel like bubble buttons under the keyboard cover. Might some not be more domed than others by chance? Could covering stretch allow the buttons to extend more with time and usage?
  3. Droid Sensei
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    Got my phone in mid November and the keys were totally flat. When I first heard about the two types of keyboards, I held my droid up to a light and sighted down the keyboard and the keys were totally level. You absolutely could not feel any difference as slid your finger across the keys.

    NOW however, they are bubbled. Not as raised as I would like, but better now. My Droid is morphing!!
  4. Senior Droid
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    This was my post:
    I'm not making it up...When I first got the phone I told everyone, the only thing about this phone i dont like is the keyboard. Completely flat. I couldnt text without looking, it was impossible. Now my keys are raised. I can even post a picture tomorrow. My droid is the first build also.
    I'm glad I'm not alone! I am very happy mine are bubbled now!
  5. Droid
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    I've owned both, flat key ones come in a square box, raised key ones come in a long rectangle shape box. I'm not sure of the other differences, sorry to bring up the old thread, I now have bubbles keys and no, they didn't bubble after use they are each perfectly designed and same shape and 100% designed this way.
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