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Thread: Does leaving the GPS/Bluetooth on drain the battery?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Martin030908 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by hookbill View Post
    Maybe I don't know what I'm doing but I've never found a way to turn GPS on or off. What I mean is when I use the car I press navigation and I see the GPS icon come on but once I navigate away from it the GPS icon disappears. I also don't see any battery use at all for GPS.

    What am I missing people? Still got lots to learn it's only been two weeks.
    Menu > Settings > Location & security settings > check/uncheck "Use GPS satellites"
    OK and mine was turned on. But when I check my batery use, it doesn't show any drain from GPS. Not even 2%.

    Thanks after I got there of course I remembered. I'm getting older, I forget things from time to time. :embarrassed:
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    no embarrassment needed... not uncommon with all the settings on this device to 'forget' where things are... i've done it numerous times
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    You can also use the Default Power Control Widget where it displays WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, Sync and Auto-Brightness toggle switches.

    As many others have pointed out too, GPS doesn't drain the battery too much, from what I have seen, the GPS receiver only flips on when you wake your phone (Usually an app kicks in to GPS locate you, then checks the GPS once in a while where you are at. Navigation uses it more heavily as it needs to update and navigate people more, but Maps and other apps can use it a little infrequently.

    WiFi and Bluetooth, while not connected, will be actively searching for a WiFi access point or a Bluetooth device it should be pairing to, so that would be more battery intensive as it is reaching out for a signal than just passively receiving information.
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