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Thread: What is the FASTEST rom available?

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    What is the FASTEST rom available?

    I know the 'which ROM is the bestest?!1' threads are frowned upon, but I'm not looking for the best, just the fastest. I've been using Sapphire for a while and while it is by far the best ROM I've ever used, I am tired of how slow and unresponsive my Droid runs, even at 1ghz. I don't believe this to be a fault of Sapphire, the true culprit IMO is the ROM being inadequate to run software as it progresses further and further. Even at 1ghz my phone seems so slow doing most tasks, even after a fresh reboot.

    So I've decided I'm willing to drop some features in lieu of speed. I've heard good things about the MIUI rom but I really only care if it's faster than the rest. If you believe you know which ROM is fastest, please tell me why, don't just shoot a blank recommendation my way. I want to know specifically what the dev has done to improve performance. Regardless of the ROM I will be overclocking to 1ghz. I'm hoping there's a ROM out there that I just don't know about that has been tweaked specifically for performance regardless of features. Thanks in advance. Also, if your recommendation is BB0.5, please don't even bother. Thanks .
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    Because various phone's chipsets handle overclocking differently this might be a tough one to pin down. I don't know if anyone has gone from rom to rom benchmarking them, and even if they did by the time they got to the last one version x+1 would be out for the first one they tested.

    What I did was try a few roms and then stopped trying new ones when I liked what I ended up with. It might take a few days to try a few, but the more popular ones could be determined by views and threads in their respective sections here. Some of the ones that aren't as popular might surprise folks too. I definitely noticed a battery life difference, but also have learned that if the battery level goes down faster than expected to look over the build.prop settings too.

    Sorry, not the answer you were looking for probably but my feeling is for each rom out there you'll get someone posting something positive. And it isn't nice to say "that rom over there? Stay away from it"

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  4. Droid Ninja
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    This is IMO the most stable and easily the fastest Rom for the Droid 1...check it out...you won't be disappointed...


    edit: by the way tonight would be a good night to try it...V2 is set to release....
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  5. Master Droid
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    Most definitely fastest rom I've ever had
  6. Droid Sensei
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    Quote Originally Posted by christim View Post
    Because various phone's chipsets handle overclocking differently this might be a tough one to pin down. I don't know if anyone has gone from rom to rom benchmarking them, and even if they did by the time they got to the last one version x+1 would be out for the first one they tested.
    ^ This. Suggestions certainly don't hurt but the OP will need to just try some out. I don't know of anyone doing any sort of controlled tests that rule out factors that could affect perceived speed (kernel, apps, settings, specific usage, etc) so taking people's word on what they think is fastest is a bit pointless IMO.
  7. Master Droid
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    i've been running liquid on slayhers 800mhz kernel, its incredibly quick, and quicker than bb/ud8 were at 1ghz, well more responsive i guess i should say.

    it is one of the few 2.2.1 roms though so who knows how much effect that has.
  8. trxdraxon
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    I only recently decided to go ahead and root my phone and try out some ROMS myself. The past week I have been playing with buglessbeast with the stock kernel and simply stunning with the 1.25lv kernel. I also have setcpu running with profiles to reduce some heat.

    So far I have to say SS is more responsive on my droid with the 1.25lv kernel but I will most likely have to get a slower kernel, its getting way to hot for my liking. I personally think I prefer SS for the fact that the default theme is really nice, I like the darker blue color.

    Best thing like others have said is to try some out and see which is more to your liking.
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    I am running Lfy 1.7 and its very fast for me at 900 mzh
  10. Master Droid
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    Ive used bb, ss, cm, lfy, lithium mod & overall the rom so far that actually "impressed" me when I began using it & is currently my go to rom is UD8 by far....though I have yet to try those listed above, project elite or shadow.
    Rom: Liquid GB
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