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Thread: 2 big problems

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    2 big problems

    ..that I can't seem to solve. The first one is really bugging me the worst - my college recently switched from their old email to using gmail this past semester. They have instructions on their website for setting up the imap and smtp addresses. I went through the gmail app and did all that. However, gmail isn't pushing the emails through like it should. I can go in and manually refresh and they show up, but that really defeats the purpose. If I use the built in droid email app using the same email address, it works fine - pushes them right on through. Just don't understand why the gmail app wouldn't do the same. The second problem I can't find any information on. I just got this droid yesterday and everyone I've talked to said they have no problem doing this, but when I downloaded the FB app from the market I got no options at all to ever sync. I go into all the options within facebook and there is nothing about syncing. The only information I could find on it is here : Facebook syncing issues? - Android Forums

    Anyone have any ideas on how to fix either of these problems? I'd really appreciate it. Really enjoying my new phone!
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    Was the phone new or already set up?
    When you first open the facebook app it wants you to log into your fb account and then will ask you if you would like to sync all your fb contacts with your gmail contacts or if you only want to sync up fb contacts that already exist in gmail. I always choose this second option.

    If you go to the web, does gmail contain all of the mail from your other accounts? You can do that from the web, drop the "email" program and stop using that on your droid, and then just use the "gmail" program on your droid that should be in sync with your gmail web mail.

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    Yeah, if I go into my gmail account it has all my emails just fine. So you're saying if I delete the account from the built in email program, the gmail should work fine?


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