I am having issues with my POP3 account.
I receive the emails, read them, delete them to the trash and when I choose to check for more messages my emails that I already deleted reappear in the inbox.

Called Verizon and they told me to take the check out of the box for leave on server.
Thats stupid!
I never unchecked that because I have my home PC hat I want my emails to download to.
Also my iPhone, Storm, P990i didn't have this issue.

Is there anything I might be missing?
Now I have triples of my emails int he trash folder and Ive tried to delete them out of the trash folder but they just get re-downloaded to the inbox!!!

One thing this has taught me is that I need a delete all app...
Checking off all my over 300 emails everyday is driving me nutz!

Anyone know of a app that will delete all?

Id be GRATEFUL for any help with th is.
Oh and I have already removed the POP3 account and recreated it with no change to my issue.