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Thread: I am wanting to go to the iPhone more an more...

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    Can i have your Droid
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    Do it - you won't be disappointed.

    I'm a Sys Architect(Linux) by trade - and usually a big fan of OS projects no matter how big or small; and for the longest time I was extremely anti-Apple, especially concerning the desktop/server OS.

    I got a Driod a while back through work, upgraded from a BB Storm - loved it for the most part but it was buggy. I'd get the occasional black screen, and bad lag every now and then; but still no complaints. When the time came for me to pick a new phone, I grabbed a Pre Plus, and really enjoyed that phone for a few months - finally giving that to the wife and grabbing an iPhone 4 for myself.

    I won't say it's worlds better, but I like it better. I get bombarded with complexity all day long, so the simplicity of the iphone is refreshing to me.

    Here in this part of VA, I've had less dropped calls on AT&T than I did on Verizon, primarily due to a VZW dead spot on one of the roads near my house. So for me - everything's been a good fit.

    Quick disclaimer: I dick around with configurations and one-offs all day long, so I never rooted my old Droid, nor will I root the iPhone. I'm also a parent so I need the phone to function properly when I need to use it. Waaay back when I had a Palm Treo, I used to be pretty active as a homebrew developer - but age an other responsibilities put a savage end to those shenanigans.
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    AT&T is a horrible company with horrible tech support. I was with them for over six years and instead of helping you with problems with your phone they just tell you to buy another one. I don't care if the iphone was made of gold and they were giving it away if at&t has anything to do with it they can keep it.
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    If all you want it for is the apps, you will probably like your iPhone. If you plan to make phone calls with it, maybe not.
    When I had my iPhone, I never completed a phone call without having to redial several times. AT&T phone service sucks. Before AT&T, I had Sprint, Nextel, SW Bell Wireless/Cingular/TMobile. They all have lousy service and lousier customer no service.

    Since I getting a D1 last fall, the only dropped calls I ever have are talking to my friends who are still with AT&T, Sprint, TMobile, etc.
    Good luck with your future experience.

    PS. Can I have your Droid if you are through with it?
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