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Thread: Speech recognition for the deaf

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    Speech recognition for the deaf


    I am looking for a hand held device that does real-time "talker independent" speech recognition (speech to text). Here are the characteristics that
    I need.

    (1) external mic (lapel mic) with short wire.
    (2) continuous recognition (can run for several hours without touching device)
    (3) environment - talking to people face to face where a glance at the
    device shows what they are saying.

    Neither the iPhone nor Droid (Google) setups satisfy these needs. Does anyone know of a system that does? Or is anyone competent enough to reprogram the Droid so that it does satisfy these needs?

    (I am a long time researcher in speech recognition but I am old(!) and really no longer want to get into the nitty gritty of Java or Objective-C programming).
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    no results...yet

    Jim DeLong, here. I also am keenly interested in this need. My first exposure to speech recognition was in '81 (there 'bouts), with my Apple ][.

    (my first hearing about it was during Watergate when, as I heard it, researchers put a moratorium on that research for fear of what eventually became Carnivore.)

    I know it's possible, and shouldn't be that hard ... Making it good would be expensive - for example, (and I don't know how good their stuff really is, I'm not a heavy user), Google voice allows you to record calls. They also take voice mail, and do a speech to text rendering & save it for you on line. But the Cadillac, I think, is Nice.com. If I were to try to get one going, I'd look to write an app which chunked sound bit streams into small pieces, passed them off to a Nice server, and then rendered the text on the hand held. (adding appropriate encryption, as required).

    Try emailing an exec at Nice & asking if anyone is doing this. If no, ask which of their ISV's (independant software vendors) would have the wherewithal to engage, then contact them. Please keep me informed. delong dot jim at gmail dot com
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    voice to text device

    Hello, I need exactly the same for a friend. Have you find a device that works? I would be very grateful if you give me any information. My friend is in deep depresion because of this. My email: markos.aguirre@gmail.com
    Thanks a lot.


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