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Thread: Asurion vs Local Verizon Store? (for Replacement Phones)

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    Asurion vs Local Verizon Store? (for Replacement Phones)

    Here's why...

    The Story:
    I bought the Droid as soon as it came out, and have had it for about a year. I've dropped it so many times that it simply wasn't functioning correctly.

    So I was told by Verizon that, when you pay an extra $50 for insurance/protection plan upon your new contract & phone, you have to go thru ASURION (either call the 1-888# or go online), and file a claim in-case you need to replace it (if it's lost, stolen, or broken.

    And FYI: Don't EVER tell tell them it was Stolen, because they require a copy of the police report!

    The Problem:
    The F*CKED UP part about this, is that I had to replace it for the ERIS because Asurion had the Droid on back-order for 3-7 weeks!!!

    They gave me the option to choose either between the ERIS, the DEVOUR, or wait for the Droid to become available... which is f*ckin' stupid, because there should NOT be any reason I can't just go down to ANY of the the local Verizon stores, pay the same $89 I would have paid Asurion, and get a replacement from that store right then & there! I can understand if the stores have to limit the phones they give out for New Customers, but waiting 3-7 weeks? Even 3-7 DAYS is ridiculous.

    The Outcome:
    Although I can't complain about Asurion's overnight-shipping they offer for the replacement phone if the claim is made before 10pm, mostly guaranteed to get it the next day. And not only do they send [certain phones] with an [extra/included] battery, SD-memory card, USB cord & Outlet Charger, and Car Charger... but they let you keep your old battery and card! If you're getting the same phone though instead of an optional alternative phone, they only give you the battery and memory card

    But since I have no use for all the stuff I bought for my Droid-- like the Docking Station, car charger, screen protectors, and both the Rubber Case & Plastic Case... hopefully I can re-sell most of them online and use it towards some of the same stuff for the Eris! Kind of stuck the Eris only comes with an 8gb microSD card, but obviously I'm sticking with 16gb card from my old Droid, lol ...

    PS. Since I was given a choice-replacement between the Eris and Devour (since I wasn't going to wait a month for the Droid to be in stock), what do you guys think about the two?
    --and by the way, I went with the ERIS mainly for it's 5mp camera and almost all the same features as the Droid.... but I wanted the Devour because of it's keyboard and how much easier it was texting and typing with that instead of a touch screen (Idk how iPhone owners put up with it, no offense). It sucks adjusting to typing on the touch screen after using a phone with a keyboard for so long! But I was also curious about the MotoBlur feature, which I still don't fully understand...
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    thanks for your story!
    my new love-Droid


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