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Thread: May be alot more droid users now

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    May be alot more droid users now

    AT&T is considering on ways to limit its users' usage on internet bandwidth due to the recent surge in iphone usage. This basically translates to "we have a crappy network. We can't handle the volume of customers and now we want more money".

    I think this is going to bring a lot more popularity to the Droid phones on Verizon's network, seeing how we have truly UNLIMITED bandwidth on the 3g network(no bandwidth caps!). One more reason I love my Droid phone.

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    I don't think they'll really start capping it. If they do... I can't wait to witness the massive ****storm.
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    When are the IPhone guys going to get enough of being jerked around by AT&T and Apple. Some want to have the cool factor, but most people want service. IPhone coming to Verizon, who cares??
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    Why would a person who's upset about a bandwidth cap switch to another company with a bandwidth cap?
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    Quote Originally Posted by delaen View Post
    Why would a person who's upset about a bandwidth cap switch to another company with a bandwidth cap?

    verizon does not have a bandwith cap on cell phone data usage.

    they only cap the broadband cards and teathering.

    im sure other carriers are the same but im not certain.
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    Actually, Verizon does sort of have a Bandwidth cap as AT&T. I recall that AT&T's stipulation for 'Unlimited' is about the same as Verizon.

    Verizon's Proviso with 'Unlimited' is basically for basic network usage. Things such as tethering or using the network for more constant use of network, such as Real Time Data transmission is where it gets a little more 'No you can't do that.'

    And to clarify when I say tethering, they allow tethering, so long as you do it their way and also respect how much data pulling you do with it. It's only when you do something REALLY network intensive, like Bit-torrenting, or server serving through their network, they frown upon it because you are taxing the network more extensively than using it for 'basic' usage.

    Things like checking out a streaming site or listening to streaming music is generally not considered outside of 'basic' usage, and AT&T is also of that nature too. With more people trying to jailbreak their iPhone to do other things or trying to get around certain things, they are probably stipulating more on their unlimited to make sure people stick with their voice and data plans within reason and also not to get people to use alternative methods to by pass their plans.

    Just so you know, the bandwidth cap was last stated to be at 5gigs of data. And for the most part, short of hard core data downloading 24 hours, for about 5 or 6 days, most people will never accrue that amount of data usage in a one month period.


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