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Thread: Why is my Droid running so slow?

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    Why is my Droid running so slow?

    My Droid's CPU is getting so overloaded lately that it literally can't handle it and reboots itself. I'm overclocked to 1ghz and have been using the same kernel for months so I know it's not a kernel issue. I have usage timelines enabled and can see when my CPU is being maxed. Lately just doing things like browsing will make my CPU max out for a minute or so, then my phone will reboot (after being unresponsive for a long time). Just now after a reboot, my CPU was maxed for 3 minutes, on the "performance" governor clocked at 1ghz. What on earth could be eating up so much of my CPU? I've tried downloading apps to track this but can't find one that logs specifically app cpu usage over time. System Panel claimed to, but didn't. Even so, on a fresh boot my phone should take nowhere near that long to become useable, especially clocked at 1ghz.

    It's ridiculous how slow my phone is and I'm almost clocked at 2x the speed of unrooted users. I'm running sapphire's latest but this problem has persisted since before I updated. Please help, this is becoming annoying.
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    I would turn off the the Restore Apps automatically function, then do a full data/cache wipe and reflash your build/kernel of choice, then test it for a bit to see if it displays the same behavior. Then start re-downloading your apps.

    Also, you might be narrow it down by apps you've installed since it started occurring.

    Lastly, I know for me, my Droid has difficulty running Sapphire 1.1.1 at 1Ghz for some reason. Haven't had the the time to test different kernels, so I backed it off to 800Mhz for the time being.


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