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My laptop went down a few weeks ago and I run my own business via the internet and email so these issues are more noticeable to me than it seems for others. I get put off by people who simply find excuses for glaring issues. To not be able to click on an obvious link within an email is an oversight by the fine folks at Google. Period. It needs to be addressed sooner than later. I would much rather have this functionality than additional home pages and different fonts so I'm not sure who's working on what over at Google Android. I would also like to see the ability to copy text from a received email or at least have the ability to show quoted text as an option on replies. At least then I can copy the text from the previous email and then delete the draft.
Funny, just because it is the way you expect it to work... it is an excuse if somebody else doesn't?

The e-mail link wasn't a bug... for right or wrong (depending on your point of view), it was a design decision made to help (in theory) improve the experience on a small screen when there is redundant information in the thread.

I can appreciate that you do not like it... I think it was a poor choice as well... even if they wanted to shorten the text, they should have in my opinion left the link active. But it is just that... my opinion. And I will comment on it.. and I will go to the Google Android Community site and add a suggetion along with others that this functionality should be changed, and like most things in an open source world, if that is the way most people want it... it will get "fixed."

I also agree with you on the copying of text... and again, when you have suggestions on things like this I encourage everybody to go to Google Projects for Android go to the community area and suggest it... or star a thread (like adding a vote for that idea) that already exists on the subject.

There are certainly several *glaring* issues with 2.0, including a quite buggy converged email client that is causing people to lose connections and e-mails... but when you see people making "excuses" rather than deciding anybody that doesn't agree with you is wrong... take a moment and try and understand why they are telling you what they are.