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Thread: Rebooting

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    i have a problem with my phone rebooting on its own. Usually when i place a call just as they answer the phone will reboot,or when just laying on my desk. this happens maybe 3-4 times a day. It never reboots when i am on the web or useing for other things.Verizon suggested i reset phone,are they crazy you know how much time i spent installing all these apps and setting up the phone.Is there an app that i installed that may be causing this. i had a-home and uninstalled didnt fix. could this be from advance task mananger.Any one else have this problem?I recieved new update and it still does it.should i start unistalling apps?The problem is i cant make it reboot so it is tuff to tell if an app i uninstall fixes anything.
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    Rebooting is not an unheard of issue. My first Droid acted just like yours. Ultimately I took it back to the Verizon store and they replaced it. If you search here and other Droid forums you will find this issue issue discussed albeit not frequently. The only solution appears to be replacement.

    FWIW I did not have to duplicate the issue for the Verizon store techs. They just replaced it as this is a known issue.

    When you swap phones you can reuse your existing memory card so that data transfers. Also, any apps that you bought will automatically be re-downloaded. Upon power up the new Droid will re-sync with your Gmail account so that data will move over as well.

    The only thing that does not sync up is how you had your home screen organized (though your background will sync automatically), and you will have to re setup your non Gmail email account(s) if you have any.

    Bite the bullet and replace it now. It will not improve on its own.
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    my phone randomly turns itself off, I think it has rebooted a few times in the month I have had it. havent really had much more trouble with it got it a few days after release. is that also part of that problem?

    should I have any issues taking it to the store even though I purchased it online(from verizon)?
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    I had to replace 2 Droid's because of rebooting. Surprising to me all the tech support and sales reps I talked to have never heard of the problem. I had to get a phone shipped from across the country to get one that worked.

    You need to replace it. It's the only solution.


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