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PlayOn.TV is launching a NEW app for their PC service.


I have a Playon Premium account and received this in the mail today:

You can now watch PlayOn from your iPhone, over 3G or Wi-Fi! That means you can watch Hulu at the bustop, or The Daily Show on a plane, or MTV in the waiting room. All you need is a licensed version of PlayOn Premium running on your PC and an iPhone.

Best of all, we've reopened PlayOn Premium trials so you can try it out today, on us. Download your copy now for 14-days of watching on your iPhone. Of course you'll also have access to all of the other great Premium content.

So of course I sent the "Hey where is the Android version due out" email back. Here is their reply:

Dear ****,

Our engineers are currently working on Android support.


PlayOn Support
Its wrong to tease.... i need them to put out.... im so desperate for netflix at school. expecially with 2 hours in between classes. empires is gettin old, Fast.
I agree. I plan to buy in to the upgrade as I already have PlayOn. But I won't until Android is fully supported.