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Thread: Too sensitive when using dialpad in call

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    Too sensitive when using dialpad in call

    If i ever need to use the dialpad while in a call it's really hit or miss. I take the phone away from my ear to use the dialpad and the screen turns back on just fine, but then often turns off as i bring my finger to press a number, and quickly comes back on as i move my finger away. This goes back and forth until i try coming at the screen from a different angle. I actually have to send my finger on a covert mission to avoid the sensor. My finger is never actually over the sensor though. Is anyone else having this problem? Is there any way to adjust the IR sensitivity?
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    Sounds like your Droid is messing with you
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    Lightbulb Screen Being Turned Off

    I thought that my Droid was doing the same exact thing. Here's some more information about your dial pad screen going black or turning off.

    I'm left handed and tend to come at my droid from the top left when trying to dial. If you're like me, your going to have to make a concious effort to remember the the droid like many touch screen phones has a sensor in the upper left hand corner of the phone.

    If you turn the speaker phone on this disables that proximity senor and the screen should remain on no matter where you place your fingers/hand on your phone.

    Try this:

    1.Make a phone call.
    2.Place your phone down on the table.
    3.Move your hands away from it and the screen should turn on (not blank or off).
    4.Move your hand back toward the screen (top left hand corner) when its about three inches away the screen should turn off.

    You should now know where the senor is and how sensitive it is!

    If this doesn't work for you, your might want to contact support.

    Hope this helps.


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