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Thread: Want overclocked kernal. RunninG BUGLESS BEAST 0.4

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    Want overclocked kernal. RunninG BUGLESS BEAST 0.4

    Ok so basically the reason I decided to root (yay) was so I could overclock. I now am rooted (yay) and have bugless beast .4 installed.

    I still have the stock kernal although I thought I had done both. So my question is which kernal do you recommend and how do I install the kernal without re-installing the whole rom...?

    I want to go from bugless beast with stock kernal to bugless beast with overclocked kernal without installing my backed up 2.1 rom in the middle. , Kernal with max overclock would be nice since I can just tune it down with Set cpu

    I dont know why but I cannot seem to grasp the understanding of roms vs kernals and roms with kernals. I know what both are but I dont get the installing process and how they differ.
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    You can use p3 kernels, they have always worked well for me
    P3Droid Kernels
    Put it on the root of your sd card, boot into recovery and install them just like you would a ROM. You don't have to wipe data/cache when flashing kernels so don't worry about that. If you are using sprecovery make sure you change it to update.zip, if you are using clockwork you can just install as is from the sd card.
    Make sure you do a backup of your current Rom before you flash the kernel just in case something goes wrong.
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    Bugless Beast 0.4 is already overclocked to 800mhz I believe.
    Now maybe you want to go higher? I use ChevyNo1's mv 7slot 1200mhz on my daily use droid, but it does get hot, so I use setcpu and have it set up like this; 800mhz min - 1200mhz max. Screen off profile is underclocked to 400mhz.
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    Just remember that some Droid 1s do not perform very well at an over clock rate of beyond 800. Pete's BB v0.4 is already over clocked to that rate! With that as a base rate my unit has a rate of 1033 on the Quadrant application. I have had my u nit at a rate of 1450 on the Quadrant application but it's performance though unbelieveable was very unstable.
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    i tried a few ROMs and kernels. Once BB v0.4 hit, I stuck with BB stock OC kernel and have been very pleased with the speed, fluidity, temp, and battery life every since. I've been testing a few newer apps and now the launcher hangs up a lil. But I have a handle on the apps in question and can uninstall if I get tired of not having a smoothly operating phone. For me, there was a point of performance gains at a cost. I got tired of the costs and opted for the smooth phone.


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