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Thread: Noob - possibly stoopid - question GPS

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    Noob - possibly stoopid - question GPS

    I just picked up my new Droid X yesterday - I am coming from a BB 8900. Other than not liking change and being totally inept with the efficient use of technology, I think I like the Droid and am certainly glad I am now with Verizon instead of T-Mobile. If there is anyone in the Upper East Tennessee area that would like to trade pizza and beer for setting my bat fone up, feel free to shout :-)

    I ride motorcycles with a group of guys that knows this area like the back of their hands; I usually just end up following along in the pack and don't pay much attention to where in the world we are. I always get home and wish I knew where we had been. IS THERE A GPS APP THAT I CAN TURN ON IN MY POCKET AND ONCE I AM HOME AGAIN IT CAN MAP OUT WHAT I JUST RODE?

    Thanks for the help.

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    Download My Tracks from the market.
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    Yep, "my tracks", I use it when ride my moto and my bicycles. You can also upload your tracks to google to share to people.
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    Yeah My Tracks works great! That will tell you everything you could possibly want to know about your trip. As mentioned already, you can also easily share your route with others.


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