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Thread: Help with ultimate juice defender for the Incredible

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    Help with ultimate juice defender for the Incredible

    I am trying to get more out of my battery and have been doing different things but i have a question with the ultimate juice defender. i was reading something about disabling the data when ur screen is locked so i did that. when my screen is locked the data and wifi shut off. for example is says enable data for 2M every 30 M. i dont understand what that means and how to make the phone work like its supposed to along with optimizing the battery. the schedule part throws me off to idk what a good schedule to set everything to would be. the traffic button im not sure about either. basically i have a limited understanding of how to use this and helping with the settings and explaining what they mean would be greatly appreciated. ive only have the phone for 3 days!
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    Open Juice Defender, Press the Menu key. I'm pretty sure there is a Help option, or a link to the developer's website to find answers and a How To.
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    Schedule says how often and for how long you want JuiceDefender (JD) to turn on data so that your apps that routinely sync data in the background can do so. I've only tried the free version, which limits the user to two options: turn on data for 1 minute every 15 minutes or for 2 minutes every 30 minutes. With Ultimate you can choose other settings, but these two seemed to work okay for me.

    The traffic feature basically tells JD to not turn off the data connection if XX amount of traffic has been downloaded in the previous XX seconds. This helps ensure that apps that are in the process of downloading data have the opportunity to complete their download/sync before JD ends the data connection. Downloads won't get cut off midstream. So, if an app is downloading/syncing while you put the phone to sleep by pressing the lock button, JD won't immediatley cut off the data; it will wait until the download is complete. Also, if you have the schedule set up for 1 minute every 15 min or 2 min every 30 min, it does the same thing, so it doesn't cut off a download midstream. In the free version I've left the setting at its default.

    Something you may want to be aware of is that some apps rely on being able to download/sync in the background at any time, and JD may interefere with that. For example, Lookout, a program that lets you track down a missing/stolen phone, relies on an immediate data connection. With JD on and my phone in sleep mode, I was unable to locate my phone from Lookout's web page. I haven't investigated the Ultimate JD, but I'd like it to have the option to open the data connection when specific apps that I choose try to connect.


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