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Thread: Will the Incredible ever be as popular as the DROID?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BayouFlyFisher View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by rsarno View Post
    I guess id like to ask a 2 part question

    1. Will the Incredible ever be as popular as the DROID?

    2. What makes the DROID so popular? There are many other devices at this point, including Google's own device which one would assume would be superior in every way (software wise).

    So what is the draw to the DROID, and will the dInc every have it? lol
    1. I don't think it will. I think it's delivery problems and the release of the Droid X, the soon to be released Droid 2 and the announced Droid Pro have doomed it. It's a great phone (in the best phone available until the Droid X), but it's not off to a good start.

    2. The initial ad campaign was brilliant and folks were attracted to the features and the feel of the phone. With so many phones feeling "plastic" and insubstantial, the Droid felt like it was machined from a solid piece of metal. And then it was rooted and the thing was off like a shot. The Droid X and the Droid Pro are going to be huge (imho).
    this exactly, imo.. the other element of this is the "first". remember when the iphone first came out and people were all over it? i'm not sure there has been another iphone rush that was as big as the first, at least not in hype. same thing with cars. it happens with every BIG change to the mustang body style. after the fox body, the 94' was really popular, same with 99', etc. I know there are a lot of BMW guys that are waiting for the designs to start dropping now that chris "bungle" is gone too, so the next few BMW year models will likely be quite popular. it's all about who already has one because of some initial rush, and who is waiting on the next "latest and greatest".
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    I have heard a ton of radio advertising for the Incredible. Much more than the DROID actually.

    But yes, i see more commercials on TV for the DROID than the Incredible

    This out of stock issue really hindered the growth i bet
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    Quote Originally Posted by iPirate View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Mojo View Post
    Well I make my living selling these devices, and I can tell you that I get more requests for the incredible than the Droid. If there was not inventory issues with the incredible. It would easily out sell the Droid 1. So IMO yes the incredible has already got more popular then Droid 1.
    So the incredible is so popular they don't need to advertise? I'm not saying you are wrong, but this is what I see. I have never seen a DI in public, I have seen many Droids.

    I don't know how people even know what a DI is seeing that I think I have seen maybe one commercial.
    They pulled back on advertising because supply cannot keep up with demand. Once supply is back up, you will get sick of the advertisements. If it was not a popular device there would not be supply issues. Make since?
    Vzw shifting the focus for a while... but it will be back.
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