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Thread: Vote for the droid

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guchi View Post
    htc sense is friggin awesome though... hence certain devs spending months porting it to their moto droids. to the average end user the inc is a far more polished experience. to most people that frequent these forums there is an appeal to having the OS wide open, most useres would rather not be able to mess with stuff that could "break" their phones, they want to take it out of the box and have it ready to go
    Sense does have the "cool" factor on it's side, and the out-of-the-box experience, there's no denying that. But I guess we are at a disagreement of the definition of "best" in this regard. To me, best has nothing to do with what works best for the most number of people, because, IMHO, if you want a phone that's pretty, unbreakable (software-wise), and stupid simple to use out of the box, get an iCrap. By my definition, best has to do with a combination of which phone has the most possibilities on a subjective and best capabilities on an objective, performance level.
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    i don't disagree with you. i got the droid at release day and constantly tweaked it, loaded every rom and multiple themes and finally had it where i liked it, but with the inc it is so good out of the box that it realy doesnt beg to be hacked like the droid did for me. I do have my inc rooted and i do have clockwork recovery flashed but thats mostly for wifi tether, I havent even loaded the CM rom since i know what it is like and i like sense much more than plain android
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