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Thread: Love the Droid X and Droid 2 specs, but why the button changes?

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    Love the Droid X and Droid 2 specs, but why the button changes?

    I love my Motorola Droid. I mean it's a little sluggish at times, especially after the update to the Gallery which added way too many animations and visual effects, but it's a great phone. Does everything I need, and more .

    I'm due for an upgrade next month and was looking to get a faster/newer phone since I'm hooked on Android, but I'm not liking the key designs of these new Android phones coming out. What is up with moving the "back" button to the center/right ? That's like Firefox and IE moving the "page back" button to the right of the address bar lol.

    Honestly I don't see the engineer's reasoning for moving the front buttons around. That's like me releasing a phone but changing the 7 and 9 keys around just to make it something new.

    Sorry, just something that annoys me :P

    Anyone else annoyed that they will probably end up hitting the menu key out of habit when browsing or exiting an app?

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    After 10mins it'll be no big deal.
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    A better question on the same topic:

    Why did they decide to go with physical buttons on the X?

    They could have still kept the whole touchscreen interface ...

    Buttons can break, or in the case of moto (hate to bash but ...) flaky paint jobs.
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    I personally hated the touch sensitive buttons on the droid, accidental search presses all the time, maddening.

    As for why they moved the buttons around, I think its primarily because both new moto phones are running motoblur or ninjablur whatever you want to call it


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