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Thread: Why is my phone picking up incoming calls on first ring?

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    Post Why is my phone picking up incoming calls on first ring?

    If you want to SKIP THE DETAILS, just answer the question in blue.

    My Droid is connected to my computer through bluetooth audio and media, possibly to play media files from my phone, and automatically picks up incoming calls.

    I cannot find the option to turn off picking up phone calls automatically.

    This has never happened before I did at least two things, although the media dock seems to be unrelated, I included the details anyway because that is my setup.

    I have my dock connected through USB to my computer, rather than plugged into the wall so that I can put that charger in another room. I also have bluetooth on my computer which connects to my phone so I can transfer files to my phone via Bluetooth File Transfer (Droid app) without mounting my SD card. My phone also connects to my computer as a phone and media audio, rather than just phone audio like my bluetooth headset would. This isn't necessary so I can always just disconnected it, but I am sure that is the reason why I am hearing incoming callers voice through my computer speakers, rather than the phone. Incoming callers get picked up immediately without warning me and I am sitting here with a caller that is going hello?? are you there? And apparently they heard one ring and it picked up, and I heard no rings just a caller speaking to me.

    Is there anyway to disable the auto answer feature so I can decide to pick it up, and still keep audio connected to my computer through bluetooth?

    It isn't too important, because I figured out I can just disconnect the audio gateway from bluetooth settings and only connect bluetooth through the application itself and it won't activate the audio, but I do NOT want my phone to answer itself, for any reason, without me accepting the call first, and I would hate to see this happen again if I connected my phone to my computer without realizing it.

    *EDIT* I would like to include that, as much as this surprised me, I tried to "like" this feature by talking to my caller, however they could not hear me because the microphone on the phone simply does not pick up my voice well enough in its position, or for some other reason. Incoming audio going through my computer sounds great though, I could not change the microphone to use my computers microphone. So it is an unwanted "feature"
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    Evidently, this issue is not specific to the Motorola Droids, because my HTC Wildfire (an android OS based phone) does this too, which is REALLY starting to cheese me off.
    *Bump and repeat:

    Is there anyway to disable the auto answer feature so I can decide to pick it up, and still keep audio connected to my computer through bluetooth?
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    same problem

    I'm having the same problem with my A855 in my Prius, did you ever find a solution?
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    Droid a855?
    Me as well.
    I have the orig Droid (is that the A855?) and does it even if blue tooth not enabled.
    So annoying.


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