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Thread: Static IP

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    Static IP

    I am going to be traveling here soon and have the 2.2 rooted rom on my phone and thus will be tethering to my lappy. I just wonder if the IP adress the phone uses remains static no matter what tower I am pulling service from or if it changes based on area. I don't really much have a reason to know, its just one of those curiousity killed the cat kinda things.

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    you can periodically check your ip with my ip from the market during your trip
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  3. Master Droid
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    If you're constantly moving and switching towers, I believe your IP address can change. It's been awhile since I've did that though, and since I'm overseas right now, I have no way to check it myself.

    However, I do know this: If you stay put, and your signal isn't being passed from tower to tower, you will retain the same IP address. For how long, I don't know exactly. But it won't change with every page you load or anything.

    To force a new IP, simply put your phone into airplane mode. Wait for the radios to be turned off. As soon as they're off and the airplane mode icon appears, enable the radios again. New IP address.

    Although, perhaps "different" is a better word than "new," as, of course, Verizon does have a finite number of IP addresses. However, I tethered my phone to my PC when I needed a bunch of IP addresses for a certain website. I went through 600+ IPs without a single duplicate. They all returned to somewhere in Ohio, so I'm guessing the IP addresses you will be assigned are regional. Would make sense, speed-wise.
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    You can try downloading IP Address Widget from the market. It will show your current IP when connected to 3G or a wireless network. I have it on my home screen.

    I can tell you that the IP will change if you lose signal then re-connect or go from 3G to 1X service, but I'm not sure if it changes from tower to tower. I have spotty 3G coverage where I am, so it is always going from 1X to 3G and the IP constantly changes.
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    Well, you definitely don't have a static IP. It's impractical to give every device a static IP.


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