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Thread: milestone?

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    So my local cell phone provider just got some android phones, 1 being the milestone. I love my local cell phone provider! Its a little small company that is only known in 2 states but is very reliable and has good prices so I would love to stick with them. So I wanted one of these milestones and tryed to look up info on them but can't find much about them. One thing I'm worried about is the that it runs on EDGE and not on 3G, how much slower will it run? they have a tower in my town so i alalways have a good signal. Should I be worried about it running to slow? O with a 2 year plan u can get 1 for 200 same as verizon plus its unlocked so I can keep it and use it with other providers is I choose to
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    The droid workd great on 3g, I have had my signal dropped below 3g once and it barely loaded my webpage. That was my experience, I would try out at the store if they will allow it.


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