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Thread: Notifications

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    Anyone having issues with notifications ? My phone wants me to install 21 updates constantly, I don't want to and it is driving me crazy. Also it will notify me for new e-mails multiple times, even after I have cleared the notification. I have Verizon service and Comcast e-mail, are they having a war ???
    Any help on ending repeating notifications would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Dave
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    Maybe you ought to upgrade your phone like you're suppose to and your email issue will go away.

    Updates on Droids if you leave them in stock are mandatory. Chances are you will get upgraded even if you don't allow it.
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    Do you have multiple e-mail applications set up? Like E-mail, GMail, and K9? If you do, each one could be generating a separate notification.
    Also, for the updates, if you open the Market app and hit the 'Menu' button, there's an option for notifications where you can change the settings so it doesn't notify you.
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    To the OP. Don't just clear email notifications. You have to actually go into Gmail, or whatever but not necessarily open any of them.

    I've found, if you simply press clear for email notificaitons, then they'll popup again a little later on. You have to click on the notification and then go to the inbox and exit out of the app, for Gmail at least. Dunno about the others.

    Hope that helps, YMMV.
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