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Thread: New Droid - any thing I should check?

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    New Droid - any thing I should check?

    I just bought my Droid and after getting ROYALLY screwed by VZW with my Blackberry Tour, I just want to make sure that I do not get a unit that might end up having any issues.

    Are there any common problems/issues I should check for?

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    The phones are pretty solid. A few folks (and I mean FEW) are having freezing issues on longer calls (my issue was on calls greater than 10minutes the screen would not turn back on until I did a power cycle) but that is all I have heard of.

    Don't expect perfection - this is a first Gen phone. It runs quickly and smoothly but download Advanced Task Killer and when it slows down, run that to shut down the background apps in order to speed it up. Just like your computer at home if there are too many things running in the background, it runs slower.

    Happy Droiding.
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    I have had to get a replacement already due to my Droid falling into an endless reboot cycle. Not sure why it happened because my new one is running the same set up as the first one but its been running for a couple of days now without a problem. Well minus one time when it quadrupled all my app icons in the tray but im also using GDE so it could have been a prob there but I just turned the phone off and turned it back on and its been cool ever since.


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