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Thread: Service and Phone problems...

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    Service and Phone problems...

    I'm kinda sad... I went into this whole Droid thing with a positive attitude. I do like Android and I do like the phone - in theory. In theory, the phone can get you all of the local stores, directions to them, text messaging, internet access, talking, and thousands of other functions via apps. Problem is, reality has set in and I've found in a completely unbiased manor that most of time when I am out on the go and actually want to use any of these functions, they hardly ever work or work properly. This defeats the purpose of having the phone when I find myself using my girlfriend's BlackBerry or running to the nearest computer.

    For example, my phone is constantly having issues where the other person on the line says they can't hear me or that I sound "far away", many times when I want to use navigation it just gets stuck on "searching for GPS signal", text messaging is a gamble because I seem to easily lose 3G signal and sometimes the messages just "load" forever and I have no way of knowing whether or not they were sent. Also, unlike the ENV2, theres no "delivered" time displayed. Only when the phone actually sent the message or received it.

    As I said above, I seem to lose 3G signal all the time and have to rely on WiFi at home. I live in North San Diego county near the coast... Not exactly a barren area. But regardless, this stuff happens. Went to Vegas last week and the same problems happened.

    And besides all of that, when I'm on the go, the phone is pretty much an ergonomic disaster. If I'm relaxed, it's fine. But when I'm in a rush, I find myself accidentally hitting the stupid search button, home button, options button, etc... Basically, any time I accidently bump the huge screen, the phone screws up something I was trying to do. Even miscellaneous stuff like logging into a forum. Earlier today I tried to log into a vBulletin 3 times and it just failed. I then jumped on my laptop and used the EXACT SAME username and password to have it work. It just seems like this phone and me don't get along or something.

    Anyone else have these complaints? Is there any solution? Perhaps better software available for download? Right now I'm feeling like I should have waited a couple more years and gotten an Android phone that has been perfected a little more. Thanks.
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    I would take it to a VZW tech store and have them look at it... All those things you say you're having a problem with, my Droid does without an issue.
    Actually, first, you may want to do *228 and follow the prompts to update the ... Whatever it is that updates. That may help.
    The issue with passwords may depend on the site you're trying to log in to, you'll have the same problem using a non-standard browser on your computer (I can log in to the SunTrust bank fine from IE, but in Chrome I have the exact problem you mentioned).
    For the screen, if you hold it up to your ear it'll shut the screen off so that doesn't happen... Or you can hit the power button to shut the screen off so you don't hit the buttons either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jntowers
    12 mp camera? are we going to be putting these pictures on billboards?
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    Quote Originally Posted by GoDroidGo View Post
    Anyone else have these complaints?
    Not here. Sounds like a lemon.


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