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Thread: Placing call on hold, answering incoming call

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    No way to hang up on current call and take new call

    I have the same problem. This is a major issue in my opinion. I will try to outline two subsets of the major issue: first subset being how incoming calls are handled, second subset being how the manage calls button works.

    When on call A, and call B comes in, there are three possible things to do: 1. ignore call B, 2. answer call B and leave call A active on the other line, or 3. hang up on call A and take call B. I owned a BlackBerry before my Droid, and when a second call came in, those three options were presented on a menu. On the Droid, you only have options 1 and 2. Which is a real problem.

    For example: If I am leaving a message for person A, into their voicemail, and then person B calls, if I accept person B, then the call into the voicemail of person A is still active, just dumping silence into the message I was leaving. Or -- and this happens a lot -- if I am checking my messages, and while doing that get an incoming call, there is no way to hang up and leave my own voice mail and take the new call. The call into my voice mail is still active, and messages keep playing, and later when I call to check messages, it will be as if I listened to what was being played back.

    The solution it seems you are proposing is to use "manage calls" to go back and hang up on person A after taking the call from person B. Doesn't that seem really silly? "Hi Steve, hang on while I go hang up on Bob, who I was talking to when you called." What if I don't want Steve and Bob to know who I am talking to, or what if it's a really important call with Steve and I can't afford to put him on hold to go back and hang up the first call from Bob?

    Furthermore, the manage calls button is entirely devoid of any user feedback letting me know that a call swap has happened or letting me know which call is now active. Nothing on the screen changes, the call timer does not change, the caller ID does not change, there is no audible feedback or visual feedback. And, as has been pointed out on this thread, if one of the calls drops on its own, the manage calls button still stays there. You say that's not a major issue, but I strongly disagree. Because that is the *only* indication I have of whether that second person is still on the line. And, even worse, if you hit the manage calls button and there is not in fact another call to jump to, then it hangs up on the call you're on.

    I get a lot of overlapping calls in a day, and with my Droid I am now paranoid about hanging up on people or making them deal with the inconvenience while I fumble through a workaround on my phone. Second, I would rate any issue that affects the core functionality of the phone and making and receiving calls as pretty serious. This is after all, a phone, with a lot of internet and graphical features, and not a tablet computer that happens to have some phone features built in. It's a phone first and phone functions should get core attention.

    The BlackBerry and the iPhone have elegant solutions to this problem, and the problem set is easily defined. Just seems like something that got totally overlooked.

    It seems like a lot of the posts I read in the forum are from people who use the phone more casually and aren't in business situations where it's important to manage who goes into voice mail, who doesn't, and you can't just do things like "say bye and hang up" or expect the other party to end the call.

    And, as was pointed out in this thread, this becomes a real problem when one of the calls is someone else's voice mail or when you're calling your own voice mail.

    And even if the "swap calls" function is the supposed work around, there is no way to end one or other of two active calls. Ending one hangs up on them both, which is clearly broken.
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    SteveRyan posted a description of a workaround here:

    When you need to end a call to accept an incoming call here is what you do:

    1. Temporarily ignore the incoming call with a right to left swipe. The incoming callers phone will still be ringing on his end after you do this.
    2. The current call will re-display with the photo of the caller, numer, etc. End this call. (The incoming callers phone is still ringing.)
    3. The Droid will re-send the incoming call. Answer it.

    This certainly does not solve all the issues with call waiting and the Manage Calls feature, but it enables you to end a current call and receive an incoming.

    The Droid will allow an incoming caller to hear 4 or 5 rings before sending to voicemail. However, if you are in a call and an incoming call comes in, after you ignore the incoming call AND hang up on the CURRENT call, the Droid will allow the incoming caller to hear atleast 13 rings. You have to end the current call before the incoming caller gets the 4 or 5 rings in order to avoid sending him to voicemail and for him to get all of the extra rings.
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    Interesting thread. I'm no longer "popular enough" to have encountered the problems noted above, but as mbooty points out, this is a major problem for those trying to use a droid in many business environments. (And unfortunately, it's another indication of the reason that so many business users will give up their Blackberries when they're pried out of their cold dead hands.)

    No solution from here but I would point out that Google Voice provides some features in the form of contact group specific and number specific voice mail messages that may help at least alert specific callers with a personalized greeting. The feature that allows one to screen incoming Google voice mails may also help in specific situations.

    Somewhat off the central point here but I've always been annoyed by call waiting features that prioritize an incoming call above a current call. They remind me of a situation where I take the time and effort to go to a store and have a clerk suspend our conversation to answer the phone. IMHO it's usually better to deal with demands in a first come/first serve manner. But I realize that's not a rigid rule.
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    so today, while leaving a VM for my mom, she called back. I can see she is calling so I answered, while her VM message is still playing on the other line.

    I did not know what to do.

    I look at the phone and saw this "swap" icon in the upper left of the screen - circle with opposite facing arrows. So, I pressed that and there she was. But, as I said, her message was still playing on the other open line. So, I hit that swap button, went back to the VM message I was leaving and hung hit "END" - well, it killed both calls. BUT, then an "incoming" call came in and it was her.

    So, it is like it ends both calls, and then calls you back. She reported hearing nothing but it ringing all of the sudden after I told her to wait.

    is this correct? did I do this right? is there a better way to take both calls, kill off one, go back to other?
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    From my understanding of what was posted above you could have swiped to ignore your moms call for a moment then ended the current call to her voicemail then your phone would have came back up that your mom was still calling of course idk if this is how it really works its just my take on what was said above.
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    While connected via bluetooth to anything, my driod automatically connects me to the second call. Anyone know a way to avoid this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by insomniac View Post
    Answering a new incoming call puts the current call on hold, and you can swap between the two at any time as well. However, if you try to end any one of the two calls (by swapping to it and tapping the "End Call" button), both calls are disconnected.

    The same is true if you are on a call and try to "Add a call". The current call shows "on hold" and once the new call is connected the screen displays options to either "Merge calls" or "End call". I have not tried merging calls although I am sure it will work just fine, but if I "end" the second call, it also ends the first call that was on hold.

    There should be a way to end just one call if you have another one on hold.
    I was googling for this answer but apparently there is none. does & doesn't..."what"?
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    Wandering if anyone has found a solution to this.

    Also, for those with experience with Windows 7 (Mango) and the iPhone, do they have better call management? What about ICS?
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