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Thread: Purchase Question

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    Purchase Question

    Ok, I've searched this forum (and others) and CAN'T find answer to this question.

    I'm about to take the plunge and get the Droid. I have a 2-line family plan (neither line is anywhere close to being eligible for an upgrade.) So I'm thinking of adding a new line as was suggested here earlier.

    My question is this: Has ANYONE been successful at buying this phone at a price of less than 199 (new line on existing account, NOT new account)?
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    $199 is Verizon's pricing.

    Make mention you are a Blackberry user and that you are interested in the DROID line. VZW has been allowing people to upgrade early to switch to DROID devices. This would prevent you from having to open a third line.

    The $149 price and $179 price are from external vendors, not VZW so you have to be eligible for upgrade to receive that pricing.


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