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Thread: HELP! Return the Droid for the Incredible? Time running out

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    Quote Originally Posted by iPirate View Post
    I have a problem with these threads. I wish I could tell the OP and the OP of similar threads to take their phone and jump out of a plane. If you have to ask someone else what phone to get, you have not done enough research on your own and shouldn't own any device or be allowed to post on the internet.
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    A friend of mine is on his 3rd HTC phone. He's using a touch pro2 now and before that he had the small one that ran windows mobile with no keyboard (and I can't remember what the other one was). He says that he likes HTC phones, but feels HTC is lacking in the long term quality department. After a year and half the small HTC phone he had looked like complete ****, all the soft touch rubber stuff was wearing off, and it just generally looked beat.

    So if you tend to be a little harder on phones I'd go with the droid because obviously metal > plastic. But if you're like my mom and can use a phone for three years without racking up a single scratch, ding, or blemish (how this is possible I have no idea) go for the DINC.

    I personally would still get the droid, but I'm a keyboard fan and I consider it a deal breaker since I don't like tapping out long emails on a touch screen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thechoson View Post
    So I upgraded to a Moto Droid at the Costco kiosk about a week before the Incredible came out.

    I like the Droid so far, my only gripe with it is it seems to be on the heavier side.

    I played with the DINC for the first time today, and I liked the lighter weight and the camera (which I felt was far superior to the Droid's), but otherwise I couldn't discern much difference from the Droid (the Droid felt like it was made from sturdier materials though).

    Anyways, my 30 day return period is almost running out. I am wondering if I should keep the Droid, or return it and then wait until the DINC is in stock in stores?

    Like I said, I like the lighter weight of the DINC, but the heavier weight of the Droid is not a complete deal killer. What's most important to me is reliability. I want a phone that will not die or blow up on me. I've never had a HTC product before, so I am wondering how their reliability holds up compared to Motorola. I feel a bit more reassured about the Droid since it's been out for 6 months so I figure if there were major issues I would have heard about them by now. But if the Incredible should be a reliable phone, I might be tempted to go with that.

    Also, physical keyboard isn't very important to me. It's nice to have, but not a must

    Any advice would be welcome, thanks!
    After reading tons of reviews and articles, I come to the conclusion that it all depends on your choice.

    The Motorola Droid has an advantage of battery life and call quality/reception. It it better then the Incredible Droid in that area.

    However, the battery life can be resolved by using the ATK, and buying an extended battery that can last longer then the original one. It will add some weight to the phone. On the other hand, the call quality/reception is something that comes with the hardware and phone, that is why i chose Motorola Droid over the Incredible. I just bought it today.

    In all other specification, Incredible is better then Motorola Droid. The speed, the camera, the design, and the weight. Additionally, according to some tests, Incredible Droid has more accurate touch screen but you won't feel that difference. In any case, I selected the Motorola Droid for its call quality, since Motorola has the reputation.
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