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I drove from South Jersey to Boston and back, listening to Pandora on my Droid, without a single glitch. I can't say I've never had a dropped call, but certainly never on the Droid, and I can't think of a time it dropped on my Treo, at least not without a corresponding crash of the Treo itself (yeah, sadly, PalmOS was kind of buggy, even after all that time...).
Wow...I had a Treo 700P on the Sprint network. That phone never dropped a call. Never crashed. Not even sure I ever re-booted it the whole time I had it. Maybe once when I was on an alpine hike and wore the battery down. I do recall having to charge it when I got back to my truck at the trailhead 6 days later.

In my opine, Palm had the most stable OS on the market at that time. Much less buggy than Android. Their biggest fault was inability to advertise/market.