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Thread: The march of the switchers...

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    The march of the switchers...

    So I stole the title from a movie... The concept is still sound. What general number of people do you think will switch to the Droid and from what devices? Expanding upon that what time frame do you expect to see people move over.

    I ask because looking at our own on site poll it is clear we are taking a great number more BB,Windows CE, dumb phone users than we are iphone. And I wanted to postulate a theory on why and a real problem verizon/google/motorola face now.

    Moving info off the iphone will be like pulling your teeth out through nose. Anything is possible but excessively more painful when the process is hampered by a locked device and a fan base who has no idea what they should be demanding. This will mean a group of people wont switch because they finally just got their life onto that iphone and to move it all off would take a great deal of effort (and lets face it dumb or lazy wins over a large group of the populous). The solution though is for some bright and talented programmer(s) to hash up a program that: images the important files of the iphone (contacts, pictures, and what not....) and then create a file that android can then import and unpack. We get this we get a greater number of users to migrate. The same concept is extended to normal Verizon phone upgrades (new every 2) where they do the grunt work of porting your data for you.

    I expect of the new users:
    55% BB
    10% dumb phone
    10% iphone
    25% other device
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    Well we actually already have a poll for this very converstation. Sorry but I thhink this one has worn its usefulness .
    Sometimes , It is what it is !


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