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Thread: Missing or Stolen Droid....

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    Angry Missing or Stolen Droid....


    My Motoroal Droid phone is either lost or stolen. I had Lookout Mobile installed and I was signed up. But the website says NOTE: The Locate feature is in beta testing for your Droid device and may not function properly. I called Verizon and was told that they could shut everything down so I don't get charged for call and other things. But in doing so the gps is disable so any locate software like Lookout Mobile won't work. Fortunately for me, Google wouldn't accept my credit card in the marketpalce so I don't have to worry about that. Now when I tried Lookout Mobile it couldn't find anyhting. Could my phone be off or is it because the product is in beta and doesn't work?
    Has anyone been successful with Lookout Mobile?
    I will have to purchase a pre-owned phone because I didn't have it inssured.



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    Dude I am sooo sorry to hear that you lost your Droid or that it was stolen. Its odd because I too have Lookout security on my Droid. Out of curiosity I just went on the computer and tried to locate my phone. Lookout found it within a few blocks. But I did notice that during the location process it said it had to communicate with my phone so I bet yours cannot be located cuz it is either off or the battery has died. I would suggest keep trying through Lookout, if someone stole it they may turn it on after a while to see what they can do with it.

    I will also say that if Verizon deactivates it Lookout will not work either because it is linked to the number on your phone.

    Sorry this is not better news. Good luck, I really hope you find it.
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    If you have'nt had VZW cancel your phone yet, it's probably turned off.

    Not that i would, but if I ever sdtole a phone, I'd take the battery out right away until I figured out what I was going to do with it.
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    Sorry to hear of your predicament.

    While our Android product is still formally in Beta the locate feature works very reliably unless the phone has been turned off or has no cell/wifi signal since a locate request is initiated by the phone receiving an SMS with the locate directive.

    Also, Lookout can successfully locate a Droid (and any smartphone) using a cell, wifi, or GPS signal - with GPS providing the most accurate location info.

    Brian from Lookout Support


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