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Thread: Making the switch

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    Making the switch

    I'm currently on a family plan with Cingular, and I was planning on switching to Verizon. I know the Droid itself is around $200, and the data plan is $30/month; but does anyone here have a ballpark estimate on what it would cost to start a plan with Verizon? I was looking for something with unlimited texting, and the smallest amount of minutes possible.
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    The best way to estimate the cost is to go to the Verizon Wireless site and do some shopping. Your data plan will be $30. Other than that, you can put together various plans that mix and match minutes and texting.

    P.S. You can do much better than $200 for the Droid as a new customer. Amazon, Wirefly, Costco, and Walmart all have much, much better deals and once you've purchased the phone along with the contract you'll be dealing with Verizon exactly as if you had purchased the phone at the store or online with VZW.
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    I pay about $82 a month with 450 minutes. That includes insurance and no texting. An extra $5 would give me 250 texts. There's the $69.95 plan, but you'd have to add the data plan to that.


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