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Thread: Battery Life and ROMs

  1. Droid Ninja
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    Battery Life and ROMs

    After reading through the Extended Battery thread something caught my eye and made me wonder. For those that are running the stock battery what are you running and what is your battery life? Would like to compile a thread w/ info to see if there is ANY correlation to ROM, Kernel, OC (speeds and voltage) and task killers/process killers.


    Bugless Beast v.7, Adamz low voltage kernel, 800 Mhz, no process/task killers, 16 hours, moderate usage.

    Stock 2.1, stock kernel and speed, ATK, 24 Hours. Light Usage

    Now to try and establish a baseline for Light/Moderate/Heavy

    Light: 1 hour music, video and/or web. 20 - 30 texts, 30 mins phone, 10 - 20 email messages. (+/- 10 minutes)

    Moderate: 2 Hours music, video and/or web, 30 - 50 texts, 45 mins phone usage, 30-50 email messages, 30 minutes gaming. (+/- 10 minutes)

    Heavy: 2.5+ Hours music, video and/or web, 50+ texts, 45+ minutes phone usage, 50+ email messages, 45+ minutes gaming

    Now that the baselines have been established I would love to see folks post up some info. The reason simply due to all the discrepancies with reported use/battery life.

    I'll Start.

    Bugless Beast v.7, Adamz low voltage kernel, 800 Mhz, no process/task killers, 16 hours, moderate usage.
    OG Droid w/ Pete's GPA16 w/ stock Kernel using auto OC script. (retired)

    LG G2X w/ rooted 2.3.3 leak.

    It's OK for your Droid to be different. Just be supportive and reassuring and it will do just fine. It's when you or other people point at it or mock it for being different is when its' feelings get hurt. Just show it unconditional love regardless of its' differences and it will in turn reciprocate that love and loyalty.
  2. Master Droid
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    Bugless Beats v 0.9, ChevyNo1's low voltage kernal, 800mhz, no task killers, 16 hours, moderate use.

    The big issue with mine is that I'm getting these stats with a 2600 extended battery. Something tells me that BB0.9 has something to do with it.
  3. Master Droid
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    Using bugless 0.9 I get 15 or more hours with moderate usage. But for me that usage includes 3 or 4 hours of reading ebooks, so the display is on constantly during that time.


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