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Thread: WARNING for new Motorola Droid users!

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    I feel for the OP and anyone else that had this happen to them. It's kind of like getting a new car and the first time you park it you see a ding on the door.

    I tend to think that if it slipped out of the box when opening it Verizon should have replaced it. I would try calling back and expressing how unhappy you were about it. It may take a few calls but Verizon usually likes to keep their customers happy. Call the *611 number or the 800 number, don't deal with people in the Verizon store.

    If you can't get it replaced however take it for what it is. It's a phone and one ding doesn't make it a bad phone.

    I guess I've been lucky, I've dropped mine several times including on a hardwood floor and not had any damage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Backnblack View Post
    This is as bad as the women complaining that the coffee she ordered was Hot and burned her lap when she dropped it.....
    No, this is totally different. Anyone who has had coffee before (and you can presume she did since she was old) knows coffee is usually served hot. That was just a case of overlawyering. In this case, as you start to slide the box open you at that point discover how they packaged it. If you start to slide it open and have it upside down, you see cardboard and many would presume that like most sensibly packaged devices, there is an inner flap. It's not until it drops out that you first get to see how stupidly they have packaged it. Good god, they offer college majors in proper packaging, and Motorola hires a gradeschooler!
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    That sucks, but I actually dd the same thing when I got mine. I just have a little dent/stratch thing on the bottom because it dropped onto my wood table a couple inches down. So ya it sucks I know kind of how it feels
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