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Thread: Another Icons on Home Screen Dissapearing

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    Another Icons on Home Screen Dissapearing

    And yes, I have read thru many other threads on this... I have Helix installed on my 2.1 non-rooted DROID. But I removed Helix and it did this also to the normal "Home" as well. Also, after a few seconds, 99% of the time they do come back.

    I read a blog someone did where he said very confidently that widgets or apps are causing this. So I have been slowly removing my widgets. Now I am down to three -- Power Control, Google Finance and BBC. I couldn't imagine these are the culprits? I have tried to remove any app that has been giving me issues. I still have Shop Savvy which does randomly force close, when I am not even using it even have used it in weeks! I am running eBuddy in the background.

    I thought it was a hardware issue as my hone used to reboot randomly 3 times a day for weeks. Then I got 2.1, and that seemed to fix it! This is the only problem left on hits phone! Ideas???
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    It doesn't sound like a "widget" problem to me. Just speculating, but I think you're treating the symptom rather than the cause. What it sounds like is that the o/s is "thrashing" among multiple tasks, including the one that is displaying your home screen. That would result in the behavior you're describing, I think.

    Sorry I can't suggest a fix, but this may be one of the few cases where a task killer is called for. See if you can reduce the number of apps running on your phone and determine if the behavior persists. It could be that you have a rogue app that is demanding attention from the o/s at the same time that it's trying to display widgets on your screen.

    P.S. I don't know what eBuddy is, but something running "in the background" is a prime suspect. Ah...just looked it up. I'm suspecting that eBuddy's polling for messages is related to your problem. Much like any application that resynch's data on its own will slow down the phone.
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