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Thread: Info on contacts?

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    Info on contacts?

    Hi everyone,

    I'm on the fence and ready to jump into the Droid world from Blackberry. But I have a question about the contacts. IMO, the Gmail contacts is the weakest part of the google suite of software, and I hate that it automatically adds contacts to it -- I love autocomplete, but don't like clicking contacts and seeing all these names I rarely or never write to.

    So, my question is -- when you sync an Android phone, does it download all contacts from Gmail, or is there a way to set it not to sync contacts, or only sync from phone to Gmail?

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    Well in Gmail there is the ALL contacts, which includes emails that you sent or where sent to you but are not actually in your Concact list. those are not synced up with the droid. other than that, i'm not sure.
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    You can create groups within Gmail contacts and tell the phone to only display contacts from certain groups. This is the best way I've found to managing contacts.

    If you hit the menu button while on your contact list, you'll see display options. You can then select your account and under that you'll get all of the groups you have in Gmail. You can turn on/off different groups. As long as the "All other contacts" is turned off, you won't see everyone you've ever replied to.


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